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    About me

    I'm a swiss software engineer currently working at Compassion Suisse as part of my civil service. I'll be looking for job opportunities starting April 2020 in the information security field.

    A particular interest of mine is the fuzzing scene. I had the chance to collaborate with Prof. Mathias Payer as part of my Master thesis.

    During my education, I had the chance to spend a year abroad in Pittsburgh and discover the United States. I also spent 4 years studying in the German part of Switzerland where I experienced a new culture and learned a funny language.


    I grew up in the beautiful Vallée de Joux where I had the chance to experiment with the joy of the outdoors, learning to ski, sleep of frozen lakes, and make true wood fires.

    The main goal of my winters is building an igloo while I spend the summer looking for interesting location for a Swiss fondue . As all real swiss citizen, I eat way too much chocolate and try to compensate by conquering mountains tops.

    As a follower of Jesus-Christ, I love to talk about the interaction between faith, science, and our own life be it at the Groupes Bibliques Universitaires, in my local youth group, or with other friends.